Technical Work

About Our Technical Work Service

Technical work means the application of technical knowledge (initially gained by satisfactorily completing an appropriate course of study at a recognized TAFE institution, or equivalent qualification), experience, and judgment to undertake, support, and/or supervises research, design, development, construction, processing, maintenance, information management, or regulatory activities utilizing scientific, mathematical, engineering, drafting, and/or laboratory principles and practices involving investigations, observations, field trials, testing, measurements, interpretations, evaluations, application of regulations, diagnosis/prognosis, and remediation/treatment in laboratory, field or other situations. May work independently of professional and other technical staff department operational employees stream position falling within the scope of this award shall have assigned to it a classification level determined in accordance with the following classification standards.


  • Training Program and classification standards to be jointly developed.
  • Involves work at a basic level in one functional area. An employee who has satisfactorily completed induction training. Works under direct supervision, generally with assistance from a more experienced employee. Undertakes routine tasks in an environment in which the routines and work methods are well established. May be required to operate basic equipment.
  • Works under regular supervision, either individually or in a team.

Our Mission & Vision

We always strive to fulfill all the requirements of our customers and complete our projects in the optimal way and in compliance with the highest safety standards to satisfy customers with the utmost satisfaction through our professional team and technical expertise.
Our commitment to the exact time of implementation of any project with extreme accuracy is what sets us apart from our counterparts. We are always looking forward to be primary and reliable solution provider and an essential part of our client’s need and to be a trustworthy partner.